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Nokian WR A4 (Winter Tyre)

Nokian WR A4 (Winter Tyre)

Nokian's WR A4 is a winter tyre developed for use on high performance cars in the freezing winter months.

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Nokian WR A4 (Winter Tyre) product description & features

The Nokian WR A4 winter tyre has been designed to deliver a safe and enhanced performance for high performance cars in winter conditions.

Nokian have developed the WR A4 winter tyre to provide motorists with a strong winter grip and reliable steering in winter weather. Each tread block and sipe used on the tyre's tread pattern has been designed to a specific shape, with each section of the tyre enhancing the overall performance.

The WR A4 features a optimally blended rubber compound - containing natural rubber, silica and canola oil - to ensure the tyre remains lucid and flexible in winter. By constructing the tyre with this compound, Nokian can ensure the tyre is able to react to the contours of the road for excellent grip.

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