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Form-fitting Škoda Kodiaq remodel hits the market 

Side view of the Škoda Kodiaq

The new Škoda Kodiaq comes in a range of five powertrain options. The second generation keeps its original exterior lines but it’s inside where the real updates feel more obvious, welcoming a new clean dash and ‘Smart dials’. 

“First the worst, second the best,” so goes the playground taunt. No discredit to Skoda's original model, but it would appear the second addition of the  Škoda Kodiaq hasn’t let itself down. No, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, and it doesn’t list an unbelievable awry of new features. But it’s subtle updates have made us think, “Yes, that would be handy.” Here’s what caught our attention.  

Let's get over the power hurdle first, the second-generation  Škoda boasts five powertrain options. Too much choice can be a burden, but Škoda seem to be following the current trend of offering a little bit of everything; so, bring on the plug-in hybrid, petrol, and diesel options ranging from 110 kW (150 hp) to 150 kW (204 hp). To hawk back to our nursery-school rhymes, much like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, any buyer can find an option that’s “just right!” 

Side view of Skoda Kodiaq
The second generation Kodiaq shimmers in its new Bronx Gold Metallic finish.  
Image credit: S koda Kodiaq

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Škoda’s principle of ‘form follows function’ feels in force looking at the Kodiaq’s exterior. It wasn’t designed to win any beauty pageants. It’s long in the rear, and it doesn’t feel balanced out at the bonnet and that has its benefits when it comes to storage, but more on that later. However, Škoda have updated the grill and improved the aerodynamics since the first generation. To jazz up the outer shell, Škoda offers nine palette options for the Kodiaq: two solid colours and seven metallic paint finishes. 

The basic version is equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, with the Selection and Sportline versions ranging up to 20 inches. Škoda appears to have chosen premium tyres Hankook, ContinentalSportContact – and MichelinPilot Sport – across the Kodiaq range. 

The interior’s clean lines and remodelled dash are appealing. Notably including 13-inch infotainment screen and ‘Smart Dials’ – with integrated digital displays. Again, nothing groundbreaking but nothing to turn one’s noise up at either. Any buyer glued to their phone will also appreciate the in-built ‘Phone box’ for charging – and cooling – their hand-held device.  

For the buyer who knows what they want, the Kodiaq’s add-ons can turn their car into a space for the senses. From a 14-speaker, Canton Sound system for the music aficionado to the built-in massage seats for a spa-like treatment.  

The interior has a modern, clean finish.
The interior has a modern, clean finish.
Image credit:  S koda Kodiaq

Škoda has offered the buyer a variety of choice when it comes to interior colour scheme too, the Kodiaq embraces the Enyaq’s design sets. Choose from ‘Loft’ grey, ‘Lounge’ grey with Mustard Yellow details, sustainably-treated leather ‘ecoSuite’, or ‘Cognac’ with tone-on-tone stitching. Regardless of the colour scheme, the Škoda Kodiaq is keeping in with the times, with its 100% recycled polyester textiles and the ‘eco-Suite’ leather is produced from coffee bean residue.  

In every direction the new Kodiaq has increased in size, including the 7-Seater model, with extra headroom for passengers in the rear of the car totalling 1920mm there’s breathing room for, well, everyone. Flip those backseats down and you’re looking at 845 litres of luggage space too – placing the new Škoda Kodiaq in the list of practical cars for the school run, the weekly shop, or moving the bulkiest of Facebook marketplace finds.  

The 2021 Kodiaq has taken home over 40 awards internationally over the years but never made it to the UK’s top five for SUV sales. Can the newer model finally give Škoda a podium position?  

Hero image credit:  Škoda Kodiaq

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