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What's the best SUV for 7 passengers? 

Nissan X-Trail

Need a mega family hauler with some off-road potential? We’ve got you covered. These Hankook-shod SUVs are our favourite seven-seater behemoths for price, performance, practicality, and much more. 

While there’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to modern sports utility vehicles (SUVs), not all are created equal. From cramped interiors and meagre boots to front-wheel drive only setups, superficial utility vehicle would be a more apt title for many of these pseudo-off-roaders.  

Fear not, though, as practical three-row SUVs still exist – and some even have a useful dollop of off-road ability to boot. Here’s our three best SUVs for seven passengers.  

Audi Q7 – Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 EV 

Front side of the Audi Q7
Are the Q7’s looks worth the price tag?
Image credit: A udi

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Audi’s largest SUV received mixed feedback when it first launched back in 2006 on account of its slightly awkward, bulbous form. But now, three generations later, the Q7 is a far more handsome beast.  

In fact, the entire car is more accomplished in almost every area. If it’s space and practicality you’re after, the big Audi has you covered. With a cavernous 7-seat interior and generous 770-litre boot with the third row folded flat, you’ll not struggle to find a place for all the trappings of family life.  

And, while it might not be the most engaging steer in its class, the Q7 is seriously quick and capable for such a heavy car – especially when inclement conditions allow its quattro four-wheel-drive and Hankook tyre pairing to shine. There’s even an electrically operated towbar capable of lugging an enormous 2,800kg. Handy for that obligatory family North Coast 500 staycation.  

All this space and grace will cost you, though. Starting at £66,000 the Q7 isn’t exactly budget friendly, but you do get what you pay for.  

Nissan X-Trail – Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 SUV 

Side view of the Nissan X-Trail
The X-Trail might be the perfect crossover over function and price
Image credit: N issan

Its smaller brother, the Qashqai, seems to have soaked up most of the limelight in recent years. Perhaps unfairly so as  the X-Trail deserves its own glory 

For one, the seven-seat X-Trail offers bags more interior space and, of course, two extra chairs. The boot’s bigger too, at 575 litres, and although this falls a little short of the Q8’s capacious storage space, the X-Trail does allow you to slide the middle row of seats forward or just fold them completely flat. Handy, for getting in the back to adjust car seats or hoovering up half-eaten snacks.  

The X-Trail’s slightly dated infotainment is perhaps what lets it down the most compared to German rivals, although this is forgivable given its £33,000 asking price is about half as much as the BMW or Audi equivalent.  

Out on the open road, comfort and refinement clearly take priority over performance and driver engagement. And, while some of the engines do feel a little asthmatic when stressed (primarily the 161 bhp MHEV petrol) few buyers are likely to take their seven-seat family bus on hot laps of the Nürburgring, anyway. Nissan’s X-Trail does the business everywhere it matters, and as a fair bit cheaper than many competitors; what more can you ask for? 

Skoda Kodiaq - Ventus S1 evo2 SUV  

Skoda Kodiaq
The Kodiaq wins our vote for best SUV for 7 passengers
Image credit: S koda Kodiaq

We’re great advocates here of getting the right tool for the job. And, if that job is chauffeuring your rather large posse from point A to point B in comfort, safety, and for a relatively modest outlay, Skoda’s Kodiaq is our SUV of choice.  

There’s no unnecessary flimflam or gimmicky features here. The Kodiaq’s styling is a perfect case in point: uninspiring, but perfectly pleasant. It’s clear Skoda has spent their time (and money) on the stuff that really makes a difference in everyday life. 

As you might expect, the boot’s enormous: 765 litres with the rear-most seats folded down and the middle row forward. Plus, the interior is littered with handy cubbies, cupholders, tray tables, and all the nifty accessories families love.  

It’ll be cheap to run too – at least for a machine of this ilk. The 2.0-litre 148 bhp diesel might be unfashionable nowadays, but it’s unarguably efficient, offering a combined 52.6 mpg. If you can get over the outright lack of power, it’s even quite good fun to steer – no doubt aided by Hankook’s Ventus S1 Evo 2 X tyre which has been developed specially for SUVs such as the Kodiaq.  

With prices starting at around £38,000, the Skoda comes in at slightly more than the X-Trail, but still a vast amount less than the Q8. So, unless you’re a sucker for an ultra-luxurious cabin and a premium badge, we reckon the Kodiaq is best SUV for 7 passengers.  

Which of our three gargantuan people pushers do you like the most? Let us know if there’s a seven-seat 4x4 that wipes the floor with the contenders on this list.  

Hero image credit: Nissan

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