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Looking for 18 inch tyres?

Blackcircles.com stocks a wide range of tyres with a rim size of 19 inches. One of the most popular rim sizes on the market.

19 Inch Tyres

When it comes to tyre sizes, 19-inch tyres are a well-regarded choice in the for many vehicle manufacturers. They exhibit adaptability and are compatible with a wide array of car models. Whether you're in search of cost-effective options, reliable mid-range selections, or high-performance tyres, you'll discover a diverse range of 19 inch tyre options to cater to your unique requirements.

Numerous car models are equipped with 19-inch tyres, solidifying their position as a popular choice among British drivers. Noteworthy vehicles such as the BMW 5 Series, Audi A4, Kia Sportage, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class are just a few examples that use 19-inch tyres on some generations - for an optimal fit and performance.

19 Inch Tread Patterns and Compounds

Every tyre model available on the market undergoes precise engineering to meet specific performance criteria. Tread patterns are carefully designed to excel in a wide range of conditions, from providing excellent grip on dry UK roads to efficiently managing water dispersion on wet surfaces. Your tyre selection should harmonize with your driving habits and the various environments you commonly encounter on British roads.

Popular 19 inch car tyres

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 has been designed to deliver a seamless blend of enjoyable driving and top safety.

  • // Evo Tyre Award Winner, 2017
  • // Strong grip when cornering
  • // Reliable & responsive braking
Michelin Pilot Sport EV

Continental Eco Contact 6

Designed for maximum fuel efficiency, the Eco Contact 6 is the ideal tyre for the eco-friendly driver.

  • // Maximum fuel efficiency
  • // Increased mileage due to new Green Chili 2.0 compound
  • // Improved grip and handling experience
Continental Eco Contact 6

Bridgestone Turanza T005

A high performance car tyre, developed to deliver an enjoyable driving experience.

  • // Strong wet grip
  • // Reliable handling
  • // Long tread life
Bridgestone Turanza

Kumho Ecsta PS71

An Ultra High Performance car tyre, designed to deliver a top performance in both wet and dry conditions.

  • // Increased stability
  • // Strong performance
  • // Reduced aquaplaning risk
Hankook Ventus iON S

Popular Tyre Sizes with a 19" Rim Size

Popular car models for 19" tyres

The 19” tyre is a popular choice amongst car manufacturers for its versatile size and relative affordability.

Find tyres for the most popular car manufacturers

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Immerse yourself in refined luxury with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

  • // Smooth and powerful performance
  • // Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • // State-of-the-art technology
  • // Most popular size ordered - 225/40 R19
Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Audi A5

The perfect blend of elegance and athleticism in the Audi A5

  • // Striking exterior design
  • // Advanced driver-assistance features
  • // A sporty and engaging ride
  • // Most popular size ordered - 255/35 R19
Audi A5

BMW 3 Series

Experience the epitome of luxury and performance with the BMW 3 Series.

  • // Sleek design and aerodynamic styling
  • // Advanced technology and intelligent features
  • // Precise handling and exhilarating performance
  • // Most popular size ordered - 255/35 R19
BMW 3 Series

Volkswagen Golf R

A legendary hatchback that combines style, practicality, and performance.

  • // Elegant design with timeless appeal
  • // Efficient and powerful engine options
  • // Cutting-edge safety features
  • // Most popular size ordered - 235/35 R19
Volkswagen Golf

Frequent Asked Questions

What tyres fit a 19-inch rim?

A 19-inch rim typically accommodates 19-inch tyres. The size of the tyre must match the size of the rim for proper fit and safety. It's essential to use the recommended tyre size for your specific rim, as indicated in your vehicle's handbook or manufacturer guidelines.

What sizes do 19-inch tyres come in??

19-inch tyres come in various sizes to fit different vehicles and driving needs. The sizes are specified by three numbers on the tyre, telling your the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter of a tyre. Common 19-inch tyre sizes might include 235/40 R19, 255/35 R19, and others. The exact size you require will depend on your vehicle's specs, and this information can be found in your vehicle handbook or on the vehicle's information placard.

Can I put R19 tyres on R18?

It's generally not recommended to put R19 tyres on 18-inch rims. The "R" in the tyre code stands for radial construction, and it should match the rim size. Using R19 tyres on R18 rims can lead to improper fit, reduced safety, and compromised handling. It is always best to keep to the recommended tyre size for your wheels.

Are 19-inch tyres more expensive?

Generally, 19-inch tyres tend to be more expensive compared to smaller sizes. The larger diameter and increased material used in 19-inch tyres contribute to their higher cost. Additionally, premium brands and models with advanced features often come in 19-inch sizes, further raising the price. While more budget-friendly options are available, it's important to be prepared for a higher price tag when considering 19-inch tyres for your vehicle.

Can you put 18 tyres on 19 wheels?

It's not recommended to put 18-inch tyres on 19-inch wheels or vice versa. Tyre size must match the rim size for proper fit and safety. Using a tyre that's significantly different in size from the wheel it's mounted on can lead to handling issues, unsafe driving conditions, and potential damage to both the tyre and rim. Stick to the recommended size for your rims.

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