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EU Tyre Label: FAQ

Why did the EU introduce the tyre labelling regulation?

The EU aims to significantly improve the efficiency of road transport - specifically the safety, economic and ecological factors. This will be achieved through the promotion of efficient, safe tyres.

On a consumer basis, these labels will mean that customers are able to make more informed decisions when buying new tyres.

How does this affect my tyre purchases?

Tyre labelling provides motorists with comparative information on the performance of tyres in three key categories. As each tyre is judged, evaluated and scored using the same process - so you can easily compare different makes and models of tyre.

Do the regulations apply to all tyres?

No - passenger car tyres, light commercial vehichle tyres and heavy commercial vehichle tyres are the only tyre categories to be included in the new regulations.

The following categories are excluded - retread tyres, professional off road tyres, racing tyres, spare tyres and tyres with a speed rating less than 50 mph.

Will the information on a tyres sidewall change?

No. No extra information will be added to a tyre's sidewall.