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Toyo Open Country Winter Terrain
Toyo Open Country Winter Terrain

Toyo Open Country Winter Terrain

The Open Country Winter Tyre is designed for SUVs. It was developed to drive safely and easily in winter and wet conditions.



Fully Fitted Price

Fully fitted price includes valves, balancing, disposal and VAT


  • Winter tyre for SUV.
  • Designed to provide superb handling in wet and snow conditions.
  • Good performance and braking in dry and wet conditions.
  • Provides comfortable ride and noise levels.

The ideal choice for your 4x4 this winter, the Toyo Open Country W/T is a well engineered tyre with strong safety features. Varying tread blocks ensure this tyre makes the most of any surface, digging into snow to maintain traction, or dispersing water quickly in wet conditions to resist aquaplaning.

The high silica content in the rubber compound keeps the tyre flexible at lower temperatures which helps grip and stability. Boasting an asymmetric tread pattern, this tyre is also great for wet weather braking and vehicles equipped with ABS. Overall, a stable, safe tyre offering a great all-round 4x4 performance.


Tyre Variant

Tyre Label

Fully Fitted Price

All 265's

  • 265/70 R16 H (112)
    • 4 x 4 Tyre
    • Winter Tyre
    • Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating: E
    • Tyre Wet Grip Rating:E
    • Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 72 dBs, 2 Bars
  • at £137.99


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