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Dated: 31 January 2011

Do Games Improve Real-Life Driving Skills?


If you have a friend or relative that is an avid gamer, you’ve probably heard the claims that computer games help to improve their driving skills.

It could seem like a believable remark. They are in a safe environment, with games that are so realistic in terms of the physics of the car and the virtual world. Maybe games with cars in them could help drivers?

Well according to a study conducted by Continental Tyres, these claims are wrong. Games such as Gran Turismo have been proven to actually make gamers more dangerous drivers in the real world.

It turns out that when a gamer gets behind the wheel of a car, they are far more likely to be involved in a road car accident than someone who does not play video games. It was found that gamers are more likely to take more risks when overtaking, ignore traffic lights, road signs and are more prone to suffering road rage.

That’s not all however, they were also found to exceed the speed limit and make more insurance claims.

Tim Bailey of Continental remarked, “Gamers take more risks than non-gamers, possibly due to the lack of real consequences in the game.”

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