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Vehicle Maintenance - Air Filters

A blocked air filter can dramatically lower your car’s fuel efficiency and replacing a dirty or clogged up air filter can improve the mpg performance of your vehicle by as much as 10%.

Changing your air filter regularly will help to maintain your vehicle’s fuel efficiency at its optimum levels and it is recommended that your vehicles filter be changed every year, 10,000 -12,000 miles or as part of your regular car servicing schedule – The Full Car Service includes a change of Air filter as standard.

There are a few factors that can impact on the life of your filter. For example regular driving on dirt, gravel or newly constructed roads can kick up a lot of dust and debris into the air whilst in winter a car’s air filter can quickly become clogged up as a result of salt and grit on the roads.

Also, don’t confuse an air filter with a pollen filter. Air filters prevent dirt from the air getting into the engine, pollen filters are designed to prevent particles, especially pollen, from getting into the car itself through the dashboard heating and air conditioning.

How to check your air filter

You don't need to be an expert mechanic to determine the air filter's condition – though you may need to consult your car’s handbook to know what you’re looking for and where to find it under the bonnet as they vary in size, shape and location vehicle make to make. If you’re not sure where to find the filter under the bonnet check your car’s manual - look for a black plastic casing secured with a few clips or screws.

When to change your air filter

The best way to see if your air filter needs replaced is to take it out and have a look at it. Ironically, a slightly dirty air filter can actually work better than a fresh, clean one, because the debris in the filter becomes part of the filtering process, trapping smaller particles that might have otherwise slipped through. There isn’t really any exact method of determining when your air filter needs replaced though if it looks really dirty, best to get a new one. If it’s a little dirty but you have a long drive through harsh conditions ahead, again, time for a replacement.

Changing your air filter

When you book your vehicle in for a Full Service through we include a new, manufacturer approved, air filter as standard. This service also includes a new oil filter and engine oil in addition to the topping up of essential fluids and vehicle safety checks.