Avon ZZ5


235/40 R18 Y (95)

The Avon ZZ5 is an ultra-high performance car tyre, for driving enthusiasts and high end sports cars owners.

Avon have implemented an Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design for the ZZ5 to ensure a high end performance. The outcome of this design means the tyre features an inner shoulder construction that promotes even wear and enhanced wet grip. The tyre's continuous central groove works by removing water from the tyre's path - for less risk of aquaplaning.

Avon have also developed the ZZ5 to feature a wide continuous outer shoulder to increase the tyre's handling capabilities in both wet and dry conditions.

The tyre's high concentration of silica in the tread compound, blended with Avon's state of the art polymer technology, delivers excellent traction on both wet and dry road surfaces.

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Customer Comments

  • Bit noisier, but good grip.

  • Really well feel as good to drive as my previous Michelin Pilot Sports which were much more highly priced.

  • Excellent

  • I recently changed my N rated premium brand tyres for Avon ZZ5s a month ago . I was so impressed with these I immediately changed the front tyres for the same so I returned to a matching set. I was cautious about changing from Porsche N rated tyres, but have been very pleased. The tyres are ridiculously quiter than the previous N Rated tyres and seem very stable on the road. Not tried in the wet as I don't drive it in the wet, but from the look of the tread pattern and the Tyres rating, I don't expect any issues. I saved nearly £200 compared to replacing with like for like. I know you cannot compare new tyres with old, but I had the old N rated tyres from new so my comparison is valid.

  • The tyres seem to be performing well in corners even in the wet.


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  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • High levels of silica within the tread compound ensures an enhanced performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Specially designed inner shoulder to deliver a balanced distribution of weight and pressure - for even wear

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