New Yokohama ADVAN Sport available for Mercedes-Benz Drivers

Yokohama Advan tTyres Following its approval as Original Equipment (OE) fitment on the latest Mercedes-Benz models, the C-Class, CLS, SL and the SLK, the all-new Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 tyre is now available from Blackcircles.

This new tyre is a development of the respected V103 ADVAN Sport and builds on the success of the marque's flagship tyre, which has been adopted as OE across a huge range of manufacturers.

The original ADVAN Sport tyre, the V103, was incredibly successful: manufacturers such as Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Nissan and Volkswagen all selected it as original equipment for some of the most driver-orientated cars available.

It went on to become available in SUV sizes and with an Extra Load or XL rating for heavier performance SUVs Like the Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg, both looking for sportscar-like levels of grip, safety and driver response.

It is testament to the quality and outstanding performance of the new V105 that it has already been selected by Mercedes-Benz for the C-Class, CLS, SL and SLK models.

While the V105 has initially been adopted by Mercedes, the tyre will be introduced as a replacement option during 2013, allowing drivers across a whole range of marques the opportunity to enjoy Yokohama's famous combination of grip, performance and of course, safety.

The development of the V105 comes about as a result of subtle shifts in the demands of a tyre in the European marketplace. While performance and grip in both the wet and dry are important, environmental concerns, such as rolling resistance and noise are becoming more critical.

These are the underpinning factors that have driven the development of the V105. Wet and dry handling and grip have been improved by around 4% while tread wear has not been sacrificed, remaining the same as the preceding model.

In addition, many sizes have been designed to achieve such high levels of environmental performance that they will be eligible to feature the Yokohama 'BluEarth' sidewall label.

The BluEarth concept identifies tyres which have been developed in line with Yokohama's goal to reduce the impact of tyre production and use on the environment. This is in part due to initiatives implemented at its production facilities, as well as innovations adopted for the tyres themselves, such as Orange Oil Technology which reduces the reliance on mineral components, Yokohama's new internal liner and careful design of the tyres external features to aid aerodynamics.

The V105 will initially be available in the OE fitments and will be introduced as a replacement option during 2013. Initially, there will be 15 sizes available, growing to 60 by the time the tyre is fully available.

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