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Welcome to tyre test and car review section. We looked at popular cars and tyres being sold in the UK and put our thoughts and reviews next to each. If your car or tyre isn't reviewed email us and let us know.

Over the past 30 years the relationship between the tyre and car manufacturers has changed beyond recognition. At the start of the Fast-Fit phenomenon you could fit a small number of tyre sizes in a limited number of tyre brands to all cars on the road - giving the customer a 'fast-fit'. Only the ultra high performance vehicles such as Porsche and Ferrari had specific tyre sizes made for their cars, usually by a single manufacturer. This is now true for the entire tyre industry - what used to be 3 tyres in 3 brands covering 95% of the car market has changed to nearer 30 sizes in 15 brands, thus changing the face of tyre retail and fast-fit tyres in particular. At we stock all tyres and brands and endeavour to deliver our tyres on a faster turnaround using our own logistical network to save you time and money and avoiding the disappointment of your tyres not being available.


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