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Toyo Snow Proxes S930 (Winter Tyre)

Toyo Snow Proxes S930 (Winter Tyre)

The Toyo S930 is ideal for smaller hatchbacks and saloons. As with all Toyo's winter tyres, its tread pattern has been designed to give exceptional grip and traction in rain and snow

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Toyo Snow Proxes S930 (Winter Tyre) product description & features

The tread follows an generally S-shaped outline spanning the width of the pattern and three deep circumferential grooves. This ensure water is quickly pushed out from between the tyre and the road surface into these deep grooves or to the side of the tyre, ensuring good aquaplaning resistance.

Looking closely to the centre of the tread pattern, jagged tread blocks help the tyre to claw into the snow for better traction. Toyo engineered a “super-sticky silica-enriched rubber compound” for the S930, essential to keep the tyre malleable at lower temperatures. A normal tyre compound would become rigid – losing the flexibility it needs to mould to the surface of the road and therefore lose grip.

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