Nokian Tyres

Nokian is a tyre manufacturer based in Nokia, Finland. Historically known for their expertise in the production of winter tyres, they also operate the only permanent winter tyre testing facility in the world.

In recent years the company had excelled in not only the production of winter tyres, but also summer tyres and all-season tyres - with the Nokian Weatherproof tyre recently winning the Auto Express all-season tyre test 2015.

Nokian Weatherproof tyre - top performance throughout the year - no matter the weather conditions

The Nokian has been designed to provide motorists with a top performance at high speeds - particularly good at braking and cornering.
zLine SUV
The Nokian zLine SUV is a 4x4 tyre that provides motorists with precise handling, extreme durability and safety in demanding conditions.

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