Kumho Power Grip KC11 Winter
Power Grip KC11 (Winter Tyre)-151x50
Kumho Power Grip KC11 Winter

Kumho Power Grip KC11 Winter

As the name suggests, Kumho has designed this tyre with grip in mind.


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Product description & features for Kumho Power Grip KC11 Winter

A jagged, aggressive looking tread block helps to deliver a firm stability and responsiveness by increasing the contact patch with the road’s surface.

Deep V-shaped grooves spanning outwards from the central circumferential tread block ensure any water is quickly evacuated away from the tyre, improving safety and traction, even in snow.

It’s a great choice if you are looking for traction for your van or SUV during the winter months.

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  • 235/70 R16 Q (110)
    • Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating: F
    • Tyre Wet Grip Rating:C
    • Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 73 dBs, 2 Bars
  • at £101.95

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