When John Boyd Dunlop – a Scottish veterinarian - created the first pneumatic tyre back in 1888, he was simply trying to improve the performance and comfort of his son’s bicycle. The tyre succeeded in its goals and gave John Boyd Dunlop the foundations to start a company that would later be known as “Dunlop Tyres”.

From its humble, yet highly innovative beginnings, Dunlop has grown to be one of the world’s top tyre brands known the world over - a reputation that the company has always taken very seriously and works tirelessly to maintain.

Even though Dunlop Tyres merged with the American giant Goodyear in 1999, it still keeps intact its own essential values and features.

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SP SportMaxx
Sport Maxx delivers top class performance on both wet and dry surfaces
SP SportMaxx RT
A summer tyre has been designed for high performance driving - using cutting edge research and technology.
Sp StreetResponse
Designed for urban compact cars offering superb dry handling
SP Winter Response 2 (Winter Tyre)
Dunlop's SP Winter Response 2 winter tyre has been designed to give you confidence on the road in even the worst winter conditions.
SP Winter Sport M3

Dunlop's SP Winter Sport M3 is a winter tyre designed to provide you with a premium winter performance.

The Dunlop SP30 offers superb braking and acceleration performance with excellent manoeuvrability and comfort.
SP44 Weathermaster
This pattern does not exist in the standard Dunlop Range but exists, in specific sizes to support vehicle original equipment fitments.
Sport BluResponse
A summer tyre designed to provide you with a high performance and a comfortable ride.
Sport Fast Response
Steering precision - Improved wet grip, rolling resistance & mileage.

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