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Runway Performance 926 | New Generation of Ultra High Performance Tire

Performance 926: New Generation of Ultra High Performance Tire

The Runway Performance 926 is designed with our latest intelligence to meet the requirements of today’s high performance cars.

Introducing an asymmetric UHP pattern design, combined with our latest tire construction and compounding technology, the Runway Performance 926 is a tire born to deliver excellent handling and maximum grip.

Using asymmetric tyre design featuring solid interconnected shoulder blocks and more tread grooves on the inside shoulder means we have reduced tread movement, improved cornering ability and increased water evacuation leading to an impressive Grade B tyre label score for Wet Prip performance.

  • Central continuous rib improves stability.
  • Superior wet grip performance along with shorter braking distance on wet surfaces.
  • Solid interconnected shoulder blocks reduce tread movement and improve cornering stability.
  • Reduce noise, delivering quiet ride.
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Passenger and crossover touring all season

  • Efficient water evacuation and outstanding wet performance
  • Reduced rolling resistance and exceptional grip in wet and dry road conditions
  • Improved uniformity and tire stability
  • Extended shoulder grooves excellent cornering stability

Touring all season

  • Advanced tread design for a quiet and comfortable ride
  • Efficient water dispersal with outstanding wet performance
  • Extended shoulder grooves provide excellent cornering stability
  • Designed for comfort, mileage and fuel efficiency

Premium highway all season

  • Superior tread pattern design ensuring excellent handling and ride comfort
  • New tread compound for outstanding grip and stability
  • Excellent balance of dry and wet handling
  • Advanced noise cancelling technology in tread block design Effectively reduces road noise
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Runway tyres technology

Design Features

Runway’s latest tyre construction and compounding technology provides a safer drive and handling performance, whilst a central continuous rib improves high-speed stability.

Runway tyres use the latest technology

Asymmetric Design

Solid interconnected shoulder blocks help to reduce tread movement and enhance stability whilst cornering. More tread grooves on the inside shoulder cut through water and ensure improved water evacuation.

Runway tyres use the latest technology
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Exceeding Your Expectations

Runway manufactures high quality tyres for the car, 4x4 and high performance vehicle markets.

Runway has a wide range of products which have been constructed to the highest quality. With an extensive network of distributors throughout the world, Runway is fast developing a well-deserved reputation for performance and durability.

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