Mercedes car insurance

Mercedes is one of the pioneers of German vehicle manufacturing with one of the oldest histories in European car manufacturing. Car insurance for Mercedes is quite expensive, however the mature driver following has helped to slightly lower the insurance groups associated with each of the Mercedes car types. Style and class should help to secure a lower insurance obligation. Judge for yourself below. stock complete ranges in Mercedes tyres to suit your vehicle and your driving style. Contact our customer services team for impartial advice on 0845 620 2000. View our Mercedes tyre resource at For tips on keeping your policy low click here.

Mercedes Sport - Car insurance group 20 

Mercedes SL500

The Mercedes SL500 is the jewel in the crown from Mercedes performance cars. The Mercedes SL is the most expensive and most impressive of the all Mercedes performance road cars. Comparable in insurance terms with the BMW M3 the Mercedes SL500 carries the power with sleek style and class, whereas the BMW M3 performs with raw power and looks like a pit-bull with it! We like the SL500 and we think that insurance group 20 is the right group. If you can afford the style and power of an SL500 you should be prepared to pay to protect it.

Mercedes C Class - Car insurance group 13

Mercedes C180

The Mercedes C180 KOMPRESSOR increases its torque by (get this): compressing the air before sending it into the chamber! This makes it efficient and responsive which is amazing considering its size. The Mercedes C Class insurance group of 13 is mainly to protect its style and looks. Research showed the Mercedes C Class to be the most vandalized vehicle in the UK, so no doubt this is a contributing factor to its high insurance group. We feel this car is comparable to the 3 series BMW which in comparison is insurance group 11. If you have always wanted a Mercedes then this is the car for you. If you are making a price decision between this and a 3 series BMW, then we feel the BMW has as much to offer at a lower price and lower insurance group.

Mercedes E Class - Car insurance group 19

Mercedes E500

The Mercedes E500 Class Avant-garde is probably the best in its executive performance class. Its close competition is the newly designed BMW 5 series. Insurance group 19 is the right level for the E500. This car is powerful and graceful. We feel although the BMW 5 series is the natural competition to this Mercedes it does little to offer credible opposition in the executive performance stakes. Again as with most performance Mercedes we feel the price is premium but worth it.

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