Tyres by seasons All season tyres

Designed to cope with all sorts of conditions – with a good performance delivered throughout the year.

A moderate natural rubber content is used to stop the tyre hardening in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius – enhancing grip.

Designed with moderate tread depths that have been engineered to help deliver a longer tread life than many summer tyres.

Winter tyres

Winter Tyres have been specifically designed for winter driving - when temperatures drop below 7°C. Made with a special compound that contains more natural rubber, they remain flexible even in freezing conditions.

The wide grooves in winter tyres help clear snow and water, while the latest designs also have smaller shoulder grooves (sipes) to give you better traction on ice and snow.

How can I tell a tyre performs well in winter weather?

By looking for a tyre that features the EU sanctioned 3PMSF marking - Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake:

Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake Symbol
This accolade was introduced to be an easily recognisable symbol which indicates that the tyre has passed rigorous tests to prove it is suitable for driving in winter weather. It confirms the winter suitability of a tyre.