EU Tyre Label: Roles & Responsibilities

Legal Requirements

From the 1st November 2012, the tyre labelling legislation will come into force. From this date, the legal requirements will be binding and the same in each of the EU member states.

As a tyre retailer we have legally responsible for making sure that all our customers are subjected to the correct tyre label information at the right time in the tyre ordering process.

At present (September 2012), the government body in charge of enforcing the law has not been officially named. However, it is widely believed by those in the UK's tyre industry that either Trading Standards or the Vehicle Certification Agency is likely to be entrusted with ensuring companies such as are following the rules.'s Responsibilities

As part of our honest and transparent policy, below you will find our responsibilities:

1. We Must Ensure Tyre Products Are Labelled

    As an online tyre retailer, we need to make sure that tyre label information is displayed when you are searching for your next set of tyres. The label is even different for different sizes of the same tyre model. Therefore, you will see all the relevant information on the tyre search results page.

    Please note: The Tyre labelling information we display in relation to tyre product listings on our tyre search results pages is provided directly by the tyre manufacturers relating to those tyre products. We undertake best endeavours to ensure this information is accurate but assume no liability for incorrect tyre label information.

2. We Must Inform Our Customers During the Sale Process

    Like above, you will see all the relevant information on the tyre search page. On top of this, our sales team in the call centre will verbally explain the scores on the label of a tyre that you are buying over the phone.

3. We Must Provide Confirmation with Your Receipt

    As has always been the case with, you will receive your receipt for your order via a pdf attachment in an email. We will now be adding in the label information at this stage to also comply with the new law.

Responsibilities of tyre manufacturers

Tyre manufacturers must monitor the tyres that are covered by the new law tyres, ensuring that those leaving their factories and warehouses are sent with the correct labelling information.

Suppliers must declare this information in their technical and promotional literature - i.e. catalogues, etc.

This labelling must indicate:

  • The fuel efficiency grade
  • The wet grip grade
  • The external rolling noise grade.

Responsibilities of car suppliers and car distributors

Car manufacturers and suppliers must also be aware of this new law. If, when buying a new car, a motorists has the option of which tyres they would like their new purchase to come with, car suppliers and car distributors must supply them with the tyre label information.