Yokohama Parada Spec 2

Parada Spec 2

195/50 R15 V (82)

Parada spec-2 defines tuner performance standards by exceeding expectations for performance and looks. Massive diagonal tread blocks, function follows form, Parada's massive tread blocks they are specifically designed to maximise grip by putting more rubber where it's need most- on the road. helical long groove, the angle of the helical long groves and their distinctive s shape effectively evacuate water to enhance wet traction. the Parada's variable tread depth as stability to adjoining tread blocks for enhancing handling. low void shoulder, Parada's ultra low void shoulder enhances vehicle stability
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Customer Comments

  • very high performance tyre in dry and adequate in wet . High wear rate is the trade off for the astonishing dry grip . Resists aquaplaning well . Noise levels are above average due to deep wide grooves when new . Less noise when tread depth lowers . Tyre construction gives great handling and comfort with fine steering feel . You can turn in fast , hard and very late in the dry and the tyre just digs in more and more and grips with no squirm or oversteer present . Fantastic for dry , fast A and B road drives .

  • Great in the dry, not as good in the wet as would expect for such a brand name, I've a 250 BHP VR6, so it's probably expecting a bit much from the front wheels in the wet, but still a great tyre.

  • Seem a bit slippery when roads are wet/damp, but on dry sticks quite well.

  • Excellent dry grip, when they do let go they let go very progressively making it easy to correct if you do make a mistake (track or otherwise). Wet grip is a little bit sketchy wouldn't want to have to emergency stop in the wet in my non-abs track/road car. Overall very good for a track/weekend car wouldn't be keen using them on a dailey runner through winter.

  • On a 306 GTI-6 best tyres I have put on this car (in the dry) wet on the other hand its safer to walk and get wet. these tyres are like glue in the summer had great fun and they lasted the whole summer about 12,000 miles on the front. rear ones hardly warn atall and thats being driven hard. If you buy these tyres DO NOT push your car too much in the wet. i found them to be dangerous above about 45mph. I would aquaplane on the smallest puddle and it would drag you towards the ditch. Having said that for the amount of fun I had in the dry they were definatly worth the sacrifice in the wet.


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  • Massive diagonal tread blocks maximises grip.
  • Helical long grooves enhances wet traction.
  • Low void shoulder increase rubber to road contact.

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