Yokohama C.Drive 2

C.Drive 2

205/55 R16 W (91)

Dependable steering stability and superior traction on any road, wet or dry.All-weather performance lets you concentrate on driving without worrying about road conditions.

The’s ‘Full Logic’ asymmetrical tread pattern has now been enhanced even further. The positioning of the grooves provides superior performance on both wet and dry road surfaces. The minimized groove area in the outer zone and the shortened lug grooves on the inside shoulder are designed to maintain rigidity when cornering, whilst the four wide straight grooves (1) and the spiral drain grooves (2) on the centre ribs are effective in draining water. Diamond-shaped bevels (3) ease the stress on the central rib, which prevents uneven wear

A newly-developed compound with polymers which have a higher molecular weight and an increased volume of silica has now been developed. The increased silica provides excellent wet grip while maintaining a good level of rolling resistance, which reduces your fuel costs. The long polymers are intertwined with one another, thus increasing the strength of the rubber and thereby giving excellent handling performance as well as great mileage.

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Customer Comments

  • The tyres provide excellent water dispersal and instils confidence when driving in poor conditions. I have a 17 month old child, so the ability to keep the car on the roadway is a main concern of mine. A week after having them fitted, I was driving through a snow blizzard on the motorway one early morning. There were no other vehicles on the road and my car was having to make tracks in the snow. The tyres did not falter and provided excellent grip. The manufacturer states that the decibel and fuel efficiency is average, however I have found them to offer excellent performance.

  • They perform well, have used them in the past.

  • Great set of tyres

  • Have owned my A4 from new and have experienced the OE Bridgestone Potenza, Goodyear Eagle F1 and 2 sets of Toyo Proxes T1-R and can categorically say that the Yokohama C Drive 2 tyres are the worst tyre I’ve had fitted by far. Grip in both dry and wet conditions is poor – I am normally a sedate driver and the ESP warning light works overtime when pulling away at sensible speeds and break away on a wet roundabout is reached way before any of the other tyres mentioned. Traction in snow is appalling - for the first time ever I ground to a halt last winter in a depth of snow that the Toyos would have had no problem with at all. Wear is about average. The difference the Yokohama tyres have made to the way my A4 feels is really noticeable and not for the better. I really wish I’d stuck with Toyo Proxes instead of believing the hype! You have been warned.

  • I do a lot of miles in a month and these are the worst tyres i have bought need to be renewed already and they are only 3 months old . bought pirellis previously and far more wearing than these


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  • Enhanced Full Logic Tread Pattern - provides superior performance on both wet and dry road surfaces.
  • Newly developed compound delivers increased rubber stength providing excellent handling performance as well as great mileage.

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