Toyo Proxes T1-R

Proxes T1-R

195/55 R15 V (85)

The Toyo Proxes T1-R is a high performance car tyre designed to provide motorists with a enjoyable and safe performance.

The Proxes T1-R has been constructed with  a unique performance compound - containing increased levels of silica - and unidirectional tyre tread pattern. The v-shaped tread pattern and deep grooves are effective in dispersing surface water away from the tyre's path - providing the car with strong grip in wet conditions.

Toyo have desinged the Proxes T1-R with rigid shoulder rib-bands. These enhance the traction in cornering and also reduce irregular wear over the life of the tyre - keeping a consistent performance throughout the time the tyres are fitted to a vehicle.

Bound by circumferential groove, turning is razor sharp whilst still allowing the tyre to run quieter and last longer. The Proxes T1-R is available in a huge range of popular sizes, from 14” right up to 21"

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Customer Comments

  • Great tyres for the price and overall performance.

  • I'm a fan of the t1-r's, to begin with they always feel squirmy and lacking in feel until they wear in a few hundred miles or so. At their peak they do grip incredibly well in the dry and in the wet just carve through the deepest of standing water, but for the first and last 20% of their life they're nothing special, indeed in the wet when down to the last 2.5-3mm they're a bit dodgy to say the least. The softness of the compound means that while they offer good traction they have an annoying habit of picking up sharp stones and bits that don't seem to struggle to get through the soft surface, both times i've had them on car's one corner has picked up something to puncture it.and the other tyres show plenty of small bits stuck right in the tread blocks. Lifespan is ok for the money but 10k seems to be a good target to aim for, just bear in mind that last 2k will be a bit hairy when things get damp!

  • This is the second set of these I've had on my Puma. I bought the same again despite them no longer being quite such a bargain. I find them pleasing in terms of wet/dry drip and noise. The previous set were still legal after 23,000 miles of spirited driving but began to perish after I layed the car up for a year.

  • Very high performance tyre. Right up there with ultra premium tyres like EagleF1 but a little softer. Great VFM

  • Delighted with the tyres and with the service - the handling of the car is much improved and they run significantly quieter, ideal for my cabriolet.


Customer Ratings

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  • Excellent handling in dry and wet conditions.
  • Directional tread design provides good water dispersal improving wet performance.
  • Excellent stability even at higher speeds.
  • Designed to provide excellent performance on high performance vehicles.

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