Michelin CrossClimate


215/45 R17 W (91)

The MICHELIN CrossClimate is made with a new rubber compound - to maximise traction.

High levels of silica are used in the tyre's compound, as with a winter tyre - this compound structure ensures a low rolling resistance and consistant performance in winter conditions.

The CrossClimate’s innovative tread design is made with two layers - one on the outer tread and another underneath the surface. This works to minimise any heat transferred through the tyre.

V-shaped blocks and self-blocking 3D Sipes are incorporated into the tyre's tread pattern, further optimising the level of traction that is provided in both winter and summer conditions.

Michelin tyres last 5,000 miles longer - find out more.

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Customer Comments

  • Very good better drive

  • Increased comfort, the car rides road imperfections better, is quieter and feels to have sharper handling

  • Really good grip

  • For somebody who drive 25,000+ miles a year, I felt that these tyres represented fantastic value for money, have now changed all 4 tyres to these due to the tyre labelling scores and recommendations from the garage. When driving you can definitely notice an increase in grip across a range of weather conditions, and having already driven on them for the past 6 months (15000 miles) they still look brand new and very little tread has been lost. Definitely worth the money and would highly recommend.

  • Very well. Much better grip in the wet.


Customer Ratings

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  • Summer tyre with three peak mountain snowflake accreditation
  • Top performance in summer and winter conditions
  • Optimised tread pattern and compound mix for improved fuel consumption

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