Michelin Agilis Camping

Agilis Camping Green X

225/70 R15 Q (112)

A luxury Highway tyre for motor homes and recreational vehicles where ride quality, handling stability and low noise are essential.
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Customer Comments

  • Up to now I'm very satisfied, and as I'm driving I have in my mind that I now know in what ever conditions I'm driving, I can rely one the tyres to perform well.

  • Better ride than previous tyres.

  • They make the motorhome feel more stable, and offer a lot better grip on the road. I hadn't appreciated how much the old tyres had degraded. I also had a new tyre of the same make and model fitted to my spare wheel.

  • Very well, they make the journeys much smoother

  • Excellent quality. not just from looking at them and knowing from the way they look they are an excellent tyre, but from the manufacturer, Michelin, they are the best the absolute pinnacle in durability and quality. I know I can put my life on the line with these tyres not just now but in 5 years they will still be superb, thank you Michelin


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  • A luxury Highway tyre for motor homes and recreational vehicles

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