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BFGoodrich Urban Terrain T/A 4 x 4 Tyre

BFGoodrich Urban Terrain T/A
235/75 R15 H (109)

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Product description & features

The BF Goodrich Urban Terrain T/A is a 4x4 tyre, mainly developed for the road, but with some off road capabilities.

BF Goodrich have designed the Urban Terrain T/A with wide longitudinal grooves within the tyre's tread pattern, to quickly evacuate water from the path of the tyre - helping to reduce the risk of aquaplaning when driving on wet surfaces.

The tyre is capable of tackling cold and snowy conditions, thanks to the sipes and cross groove tread design - both of which help to increase the level of traction on snow covered roads.

An asymmetrical tread pattern aids in a long lifespan, with even wear rate across the whole tyre. 

All Season Tyres (with 3PMSF)

What is an all season tyre

Designed to cope with all sorts of conditions – with a good performance delivered throughout the year. A moderate natural rubber content is used to stop the tyre hardening in temperatures below 7 degrees.

How can I tell an all season tyre performs in winter weather?

This tyre features the EU sanctioned 3PMSF marking - Three Peak Mountain Snowflake:

Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake

This accolade was introduced to be an easily recognisable symbol which displays that the tyre has passed standardised, controlled, and, rigorous tests. It confirms the winter suitability of a tyre.

Are all season tyres suitable for the UK?

Given that the UK suffers from milder and interchangeable winter conditions - with severe ice and snow becoming uncommon for much of the country - this makes all season tyres a very good choice for our roads. As they can cope with these conditions very well.

Do I need to swap my tyres throughout the year?

Given the nature of all season tyres, which can perform equally well in the summer and winter months, the need to replace tyres based on the season is not required.

We recommend that all season tyres should be fitted as a full set of 4.

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