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For over a century Pirelli have been producing tyres and although originally best known for their car tyres, Pirelli have expanded dramatically over the past few decades to establish themselves as one of the top motorbike tyre manufacturers.

Always trying to refine their products Pirelli have – over the years – combined their own technological expertise with some of the world’s leading motorcycle and car manufacturers. These relationships have been extremely successful, leading to many high quality tyre ranges.

Pirelli Diablo

The Diablo will offer you a grip that is second to none – it makes cornering at speeds easier and even on the wet this tyre performs superbly and will not let you down. Diablos are also very responsive at all speeds giving you a smooth and enjoyable ride and very secure handling. These are a recommended tyre purchase if you ride trackdays as they will warm up rapidly and give you confidence in your performance on the track. The only downside to the Diablo is the price which is on the expensive side. However the balance that Pirelli have struck between the grip of these tyres and their durability is fantastic, the feedback the Diablos offer you is superb, and you will also get a decent amount of mileage from them – what more can we say, this tyre comes highly recommended to buy as a year round tyre.

Pirelli Sport Demon

The Sport Demons also possess a fantastic grip in both wet and dry weather, however, we find they take a while to break-in on the motorbike. The Sport Demons also tend to square off more rapidly than a Bridgestone model would, but for the price they are not a bad tyre to buy. Pirelli use a highly advanced compound for these sport tyres which enables them to grip well in all conditions.

Pirelli Dragon Corsa

These Dragon Corsas offer you a superb traction, feedback, grip and also will last the distance and not wear out after only a short time giving you both performance and distance. Although they are at the more expensive end of the price range, it is true that you get what you pay for – if you have spent a large amount of money getting the right bike you may as well go the extra mile and get a fantastic set of tyres to match, as these Dragons won’t let you down.

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