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Metzeler is a German tyre manufacturer with more than a 100 years worth of experience in the production of motorcycle tyres. Since its creation in Munich over a century ago Metzeler have always set its focus on achieving the highest quality standards and accuracy in the production of tyres.

At Metzeler most of the employees are enthusiastic motorcycle riders, giving the company a real first person insight into what it is riders around the world want from their tyres.

Metzeler Mez 3

The Mez 3 is described as a tyre best suited for sports tourers however it is more on the sports side rather than the tourer side. If you are looking for a tyre that will last long distances the Mez 3 is likely to square off somewhat quickly. However the redeeming features of the Mez 3 are its good handling and holding on the roads – they don’t grip the road as tightly as a Dunlop model would, but we feel the Mez 3 more than makes up for this with their level of consistency. However in terms of value for money the Mez 3s are not the cheapest model you could buy.

Metzeler Roadtec Z6

The Roadtec Z6 is the successor to the MEZ4 and is described as a tyre suitable for all motorbikes that offers the rider an excellent performance in all weathers. As Metzeler is the only dedicated motorbike tyre manufacturer, they have incorporated all their knowledge and experience into developing a tyre that can match the vastly improved sport touring motorbikes that are around today. Metzeler uses the most advanced technology on their tyres to ensure each one will meet their exacting standards. The Roadtec Z6 will inspire confidence especially when you are cornering at sharp angles as it gives you first-class grip levels. Metzeler advises that you run a Z6 on both the front and back of the motorbike to get the full benefits of this tyre.

Metzeler Sportec M-1

The Sportec M-1 tyre was developed for high performance motorbikes and these tyres allow you to ride in cold and wet weather due to the high levels of contact with the road that these tyres provide. We found that the Sportec M1s handle superbly giving you more confidence and a smoother ride which will ensure you have a more pleasurable ride on the bike. Once warmed up, these tyres will stick to the road like glue as the grip is second to none making these tyres a great buy.

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