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Bridgestone Blizzak LM25

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 is a directional, studless winter tyre.



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  • Delivers excellent snow and ice traction.
  • You can rely on the LM-25 for great dry performance.
The Blizzak LM-25 is Bridgestone's Performance Winter tyre developed for the drivers of high performance sports cars, sport coupes and sport sedans that require winter driving traction on dry, wet and snow-covered roads.
  • We rarely get much snow in Eastern Scotland but my wife does a 120 mile daily commute in a E34 BMW 320CD so I thought we'd try Winter Tyres last year to see if it made any difference. Cold weather performance has been fine and I can't say I noticed much if any difference. In car noise might be up very slightly but fuel consumption is unchanged from the Goodyear Hydragrip/Continental PC2 combo previously on the car. 9 weeks after fitting had first snow and only snow of winter 2008/9. After slithering about in a MK5 Astravan with factory tyres (4-5mm tread left) then getting into the BMW the difference was incredible. Finally writing this in Jan 10 after a few weeks of proper winter I’m still thoroughly impressed. As a confidence exercise for a few months of the year these tyres were worth the money, about £85/each, but with snow on the road they’re a bargain. 06/01/2010


Tyre Variant

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Fully Fitted Price

All 215's

  • 215/55 R17 V (98)
    • Car Tyre
    • Winter Tyre
    • Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating: E
    • Tyre Wet Grip Rating:B
    • Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 74 dBs, 3 Bars
  • at £154.49

All 245's

  • 245/45 R17 V (99)
    • Car Tyre
    • BMW
    • Run Flat
    • Winter Tyre
    • Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating: F
    • Tyre Wet Grip Rating:C
    • Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 71 dBs, 2 Bars
  • at £229.49

All 255's

  • 255/40 R17 V (98)
    • Car Tyre
    • Winter Tyre
    • Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating: F
    • Tyre Wet Grip Rating:E
    • Noise Emission / Exterior Noise: 73 dBs, 2 Bars
  • at £197.99


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