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Peugeot Service

Peugeot are one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world and understandably, owners expect a Peugeot Service to live up to the car.

For this reason, our Peugeot Service options make sure that you and your car obtains the utmost in customer care, value and efficiency.

Each service – though they follow the same base checks – take into account the condition of your car. This means that your Peugeot Service is meticulous and focuses on areas that are the most valuable.

If that wasn’t enough - all our pricing is comprehensive (up to 60% cheaper than the high street in some cases) and what’s more, if something needs replaced then only quality manufacturer equivalent parts are used.

Service Options for Your Peugeot

Not sure which one is the right service for you and your Peugeot? Have a quick look at our Car Service Comparison.

It should answer any questions you have as to what you are getting for your money.

Call us now on 0845 450 0480 for a quote.

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Is your Peugeot still under warranty?

If it is the case that your Peugeot is still within warranty then a good option for you will be the Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service.

This service is entirely based on what Peugeot would advise your vehicle is put through and it takes into account the important details like the specific age and mileage of your Peugeot.

With this service, we use the manufacturer service schedule. This ensures that you get the right service for your Peugeot’s needs; consequently making sure your warranty is not affected.

Call us now on 0845 450 0480 for a quote or to book in your Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service!

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