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Car Manufacturer Servicing

There are obvious differences between different types of vehicle and model of car and it makes sense that there are differences in the servicing schedule for different cars.

A 4x4 service is not going to be the same as the service for a high end sports car. Thus you will often find different prices offered for servicing different makes and models of vehicle. The biggest difference tends to be the cost of parts.

Car Servicing basically means inspecting the car systematically for any damaged components and replacing parts that have worn out and become less effective. The parts that require checked are the tyre pressures, the brake fluid levels, engine oil levels, etc.

Some parts are more expensive to replace and some manufacturers request certain approved brands to ensure quality and the smooth running of the vehicle. If these parts are different for different cars, then there will be differences in the servicing procedure.

Often it is a requirement of a new car’s warranty agreement that servicing is kept up to date according to the manufacturer’s servicing schedule.

If you don’t get your car serviced you may invalidate your warranty.