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Dated: 10 December 2009

Government To Enforce EU Tyre Noise Regulation


The British government has, as of the 9th December 2009, confirmed its intentions to enforce the new tyre noise legislation (known as Regulation number: EC No 661/2009) that was adopted by the European Parliament on the 25th November. This confirmation came when Lord Adonis the Secretary of State for Transport stated that the government would, "implement enforcement powers and penalty provisions to ensure the regulation's requirements can be adequately enforced in the UK".

Now, in case the mention of parliaments, legislation and that rather long boring regulation number has made you drowsy, let us waken you up by pin pointing how this new tyre regulation will benefit you - the consumer.

The regulation is set to come into full force on 1st November 2012, and from that date tyre manufactures will have to, by law, label their tyres. These labels will detail the fuel efficiency, wet grip capabilities and external noise levels of the tyre - much in the same way that household appliances are labeled according to their energy consumption.

Not many people appreciate the impact that different types of tyres have on fuel bills, but with the technology that tyre manufacturers have at their disposal today it has become possible to design tyres that considerably reduce the effect that tyres have on a car's fuel consumption.

Through the new labeling system the use of fuel efficient tyres is expected to increase significantly, which will go a long way to reducing CO2 emissions. According to some sources, the predicted reduction could be the equivalent of taking 1.3 million cars off the roads of Europe.

To top off all these impressive environmental factors, there is the saving in fuel costs, which could reach up to 10% - a definite plus in today's economical climate.


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