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Dated: 22 March 2011

Top Tips on Cutting Your Vehicle’s Fuel Bill


With the price of fuel increasing price and the budget looming, Blackcircles.com has five top tips for cutting your fuel bill.

  • Drive Efficiently:

Don’t worry, we’re not having a go at the way you drive. What we want to do is though is point out that by abiding by some simple principles your fuel consumption will not be as high.

For instance, making sure you don’t over-rev the engine, or that you drive in the highest gear possible (that doesn’t over-work the car) or even just keeping a closer eye on your position on the road – meaning you are not as likely to make more erratic actions – will all help to reduce your fuel consumption.

Basically, it boils down to the fact that the more you put your foot down, the more petrol you will use - food for thought. 

  • Clear Out Unnecessary Items From Your Car:

It is no secret that the heavier your car weighs; the harder the engine will have to work. This in turn causes your car to use more fuel. By clearing out any unnecessary items (or junk as it might also be known), you will lighten your vehicle’s load – using less fuel as a consequence.

  • Don’t Use Your Air Conditioning:

You might be surprised to learn that using the air conditioning unit in a car actually uses up a lot of fuel. For that reason it is probably wise to switch it off unless you really need it.

However, if it is very warm, then using the air conditioning will be more efficient than opening windows – due to the amount of extra drag added to a vehicle when windows are open.

  • Shop Around For The Best Deals

We’re not teaching our grandmother to suck eggs with this one – honest. Not all forecourts charge the same prices. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you have several different petrol stations to choose from, don’t always go the first place you come across. You can save in the region of 10p/litre if you are fortunate.

  • Keep Tyres Properly Inflated:

Tyre Pressure might be the last on our list, but it is definitely not least in importance, or effectiveness.

Driving with the incorrect pressure uses more fuel and makes your tyres wear out quicker and will increase the amount of drag your vehicle has to drive against.

Always remember that tyre pressure should only be tested when your tyres are cold - a good guideline is to leave them for an hour after driving so that they can cool down.

Blackcircles.com’s Managing Director, Michael Welch, said, “Driving with tyres that are three psi below the correct pressure decreases fuel economy by one per cent.

“With the current (rising) cost of fuel this decrease can add up significantly. It is inevitable that it will end up having a substantial impact on your bank balance.

"Through one simple step motorists can improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and also be safer on the roads.”

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