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Dated: 24 March 2011

Time Is Running Out For the Beetle


Are you in the market for a brand new Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback and/or Cabriolet? If so, you face a race against time to get your hands on one the few remaining models in circulation.

This is because Volkswagen has announced that no more orders are being taken for factory built units. In total, according to an article on the What? Car website, there are "42 unallocated hatchbacks and just three unallocated cabriolets in the UK... there are a further 222 hatchbacks and 87 cabriolets in the dealer network, which are as yet unsold."

So, if you are after one, you would be wise to begin your hunt for the elusive Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback/Cabriolet... now! You may have to make some compromises on colour if you are lucky enough to find one – beggars can’t be choosers after all.

Of course, all this is the prelude to Volkswagen’s launch of the new Beetle, which is set to roll out of the factories around Autumn/Winter time. Unfortunately for Beetle lovers everywhere, that’s about as specific we can get on dates.

All that is left to say now is: Happy hunting Beetle enthusiasts, or for those of you who are waiting for the release of the new models, try some Sudoku to pass the time.

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