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Dated: 21 March 2011

The Best & Worst European Cars


Blackcircles.com is mighty impressed with the Peugot 207 following a new study that reveals the diminutive French hatchback is the most reliable car in Europe with only one in 17 breaking down in an average year.

This comes from the Warranty Direct Reliability Index. After analysing over 20,000 policies – for European cars between the age of 3 & 7 – it was found that the Peugeot 207 had an incident rate of 6%, with the average repair costing around £332.

The French Car Manufacturer, who entered into the vehicle manufacturing business thanks to dresses (see this Wikipedia article for more details), will no doubt be very pleased to see that two of their car models have been named in the top 5 most reliable cars.

The top five cars – according to Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index – are as follows:

Top 5 Cars

 Manufacturer Model Average Repair Cost Reliability Index Rating
1. Peugeot  207 (06-)£331.9222
2. Fiat Panda (04-)£195.9528
3. Peugeot206 CC (00-07)£185.4032
4. VolkswagenPolo (05-)£190.4835
5. Renault Clio (05-)£173.4036

So, those are the best, but with every Ying there must be a Yang. Below are the 5 least reliable cars:

Bottom 5 Cars

 Manufacturer Model Average Repair Cost  Reliability Index Rating
1. Mercedes-BenzSL(02-)£742.10349
2. Land Rover Range Rover (02-)£499.43264
3. RenaultEspace (02-)£491.26264
4. Mercedes-BenzS-Class (06-)£505.22239
5. BMW 7 Series (01-08)£514.40232

After these latest statistics were released Warranty Direct’s Managing Director, Duncan McClure Fisher, said, “some people might be surprised to see Fiat and Peugeot claiming the top three positions, but the data doesn’t lie - these cars are very dependable.

“Running a car is a costly business, particularly when a car moves into its fourth and fifth year, when most cars leave the protection of a manufacturer warranty. Anything that gives a little extra peace of mind, like getting further warranty cover or simply doing research about the car you’re buying, is worthwhile.”  

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