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Dated: 14 March 2011

Motorists Spend Almost Two Days Doing Nothing


The list of things that you could do in 46 hours might seem endless...

If you could choose a number of activities you would like to carry out in that timeframe we’re betting that sitting in a queue of traffic, staring into space, would be one of the last things on your list. Then again, maybe some people enjoy that kind of thing – each to their own.

Anyway, the point of this piece: new research has been produced revealing that every year the average motorist spends that amount of time stuck in traffic. Surprisingly – you may think – that is double the length of time that our American cousins spend sitting idly in traffic.

As well as this rather high number, the research – carried out by INRIX – also concluded that British roads are at their most congested on a Monday morning, during the peak hours when commuters are trying to get to work (most people could have guessed that).

However, despite the roads being congested the most on a Monday morning, the report reveals that the worst time to travel by road in the UK is on a Wednesday and that the best day is a Friday.

Hans Puvogel, Europe general manager of traffic information service INRIX, was quoted on the Telegraph website saying, "Despite drivers spending nearly twice the amount of time stuck in traffic compared to the Americans, traffic in the country's largest cities is much worse than those in the UK.

"While traffic jams still clog the roads in cities like London and Birmingham, it shows the UK is doing a much better job of managing traffic congestion in its major urban centres than its US counterparts.”

One factor in the congestion is simply the length of motorways we have. Being a fairly small nation (geographically speaking) we only have around 6 km of motorway per 100,000 people. This is 8km per 100,000 less than the current EU average which stands at 14km.

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