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Dated: 31 March 2011

Motorbike Safety Tip #4


Today, we want to look at the tyres of your motorbike - in particular, the best methods to run-in new tyres.

"The running in period of a tyre is very important. This time is vital in allowing the new tyres to form itself naturally into the rim of the wheel. It also gives the surface of the tyre the time it requires to “scuff-in”.

"On top of all this, the rider is also given a period of time to become acquainted with the new feeling of his/her bike. After all, different tyres will produce varying performances in handling, braking and acceleration. It is important to get used to your new tyres.

"Once you have fitted new tyres to your bike, it is imperative that you drive cautiously. Do not push the bike too hard. A good rule of thumb, distance-wise, before you can start pushing the bike further is around the 100 mile mark.

"During this time try not to suddenly accelerate at high speeds, brake hard or partake in any tight cornering manoeuvres.

"Once you’ve reached the first 100 miles on your new tyres, check them. As long as everything is as it should be, you can start to gradually increase your average speed (stick within the speed limit mind!) as well as leaning angles, brake forces, etc."

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