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Dated: 30 March 2011

Motorbike Safety Tip #3


Third in the series of motorbike safety top tips looks at braking when out on your bike.

“It is a misconceived notion that the purpose of the brakes is to stop your motorcycle. This is not quite right – if this was the case, all they would do is lock the wheels. This is, as you will be aware, very dangerous as it leads to loss of control and skidding.

“The most important job that your brakes do is slow your motorcycle down. It is very important to read any situation that involves braking as accurately as possible. Never leave it to the last second to brake.

"Always gradually bring your motorbike to a stop - of course in an emergency this is not always possible, but ultimately this should always be your goal. Not only is this safer, but it helps to prolong the life of your brakes and of your tyres.

“Some pointers of good brake management are:

  • This might sound obvious, but use both brakes. This will slow down your vehicle a lot quicker.
  • If you use both brakes, you will extend their lifespan – in particular the front brakes.
  • When travelling at a very slow speed, the rear brake alone can offer an extra amount of stability and control over your bike."

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