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Dated: 23 March 2011

Green Is Major Factor for Car Buyers in 2011


Don’t worry, you’re not about to see fleet after fleet of green coloured cars on the motorways from now on. You may, however, start seeing a lot more cars that have been proven to demonstrate a very good ecological performance.

This comes from the fact that retailers across the country have noted that the demand for ‘green’ cars has been on the rise.
Recently, a study was performed by HPI and it was found that 71% of dealers who took part said that the CO2 emissions of a car were having an influence of buyers.

Concern for the enviroment is not the only factor here however, as many motorists are also trying to find ways to lower motor costs - cars with less emissions and a great fuel economy helps to lower costs because less fuel is consumed and they qualify for lower tax bands.

The Director of Automotive at HPI, Daniel Burgess, was quoted on their website as saying, "It's clear that consumers are conscious of making real savings on the overall costs associated with owning a car and this means that greener motoring makes economic sense as well as eco sense."

This means that there could very well be a marked increase in the number of electric and/or hybrid cars on the roads in 2011.

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