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Dated: 31 March 2011

Green Charity Launches Campaign for Better Tyres


This week, Environmental Protection UK – a national charity – launched a new campaign which focuses on the beneficial use of efficient tyres.

Aptly named “Better Tyres”, the campaign’s key message is that motorists can reduce the amount of money that they spend on fuel and reduce their carbon footprint through choosing and fitting efficient tyres to their vehicle.

James Grugeon - the Environmental Protection UK Chief Executive - said, “Better tyres can help us save money, help cut carbon emissions and improve public health. If we all used energy efficient, low noise and safe tyres we would save 6.6 million tonnes of oil a year in Europe by 2020 – which is as much as the annual consumption of Hungary.

"We could also reduce CO2 emissions by as much as four million tonnes per year – equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars from the roads – and cut traffic noise in half.”

For a long time now, Tyre Manufacturers have spent a lot of time designing and creating tyres that are capable of reducing the fuel economy of a vehicle.

From changes to the tread pattern to the makeup of a tyre’s compound, manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the fuel efficiency of their products.

On the leading tyre news website – Tyrepress.com - Nina Renshaw, Deputy Director at the European Federation for Transport and Environment, was quoted as saying, “the European Federation for Transport and Environment is proud to support the Campaign for Better Tyres, which is leading the way in Europe.

“National campaigns such as this will be vital to ensure the success of the new EU tyre labels, which have the potential to save people money, improve safety, reduce noise and help the environment.”

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