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Dated: 30 March 2011

Road Conditions Getter Worse, Not Better


According to a recent survey conducted by RAC, the road conditions in the UK have deteriorated even further.

This comes at a time when the Government has pledged to aid local councils repair roads with an injection of £100 million. Unfortunately, many councils and organisations have estimated that the total cost to repair Britain’s roads stands at an overwhelming £9 billion.
Despite the new £100 million injection to help with repairs, there have also been cuts to council budgets up and down the country. This, coupled with the terrible winter weather that swept across the British Isles recently has meant that local authorities are being forced into making short-term repairs, instead of the more expensive long term fixes.

In the RAC study it was found that of the 20 councils who were questioned on their road repair strategy, 10 were still struggling to finish the repairs that were required after the bad weather that gripped the nation in the winter period of 09/10.

Poor road surfaces, in particular potholes, are a serious threat to motorists. These can literally tear a tyre and buckle the wheel of a car.

Not only do potholes affect the tyres and wheels, but they can also cause damage to a vehicle’s suspension   and/or axles.

It is estimated by the website, potholes.co.uk, that potholes cause British motorists an estimated £2.8million each year in vehicle repairs.

Unfortunately, the facts do not make for good reading as it has been estimated that if local councils in England & Wales were given the exact budgets they require to fully fix their roads, it would take 11 years to catch up with the backlog of repairs in England and 16 years in Wales.

If you have been affected by a pothole and if you have a picture of a particularly bad one, we want to hear from you. You can send your pictures to our web team via the email address, pr@blackcirces.com.

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