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Dated: 07 March 2011

Car Servicing Industry Sets Example


The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is set to pump £50million into British business as the Governement attempts to improve the shortage of skills that are said to be "hindering expansion".

Reports coming out from Downing Street indicate that it will be “distributed through the Growth and Innovation Fund (GIF)”.

One of the main hopes is that the additional funds will allow industries to enable industries in setting up a new set of professional standards.

The main example being cited by the BIS, as to how the money can help, is the car servicing industry.

They believe that if the funds are used correctly, any industry is capable achieving improved standards akin to that of the car servicing industry.

As the bbc.co.uk website puts it, “the poor standard of car servicing and repairs five years ago threatened to spark a "Super Complaint" to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The motor industry knew that if it did not act, the government would step in and regulate, so it developed accreditation for its thousands of technicians.”

In a recent statement, the business secretary, Vince Cable, said, "This government understands that to rebalance and grow our economy, we need to tackle the skills shortages that hold companies back.

"Through this fund, we will support employers that take collective action to overcome these blockages to expansion."

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