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Dated: 13 January 2011

TyreSafe Promotes Tyre Pressure Importance


So far this year the main news stories revolving around tyres, cars and fuel all focus on the fact that prices are rising.

In a bid to try and help motorists save as much as they can on petrol, TyreSafe has published an article on their website which reminds people that if you mak sure your tyre has the correct air pressure, it will help to keep the fuel consumption as low as possible.

Not only does the correct tyre air pressure help a vehicle use less fuel - than a tyre with low air pressure - but it is also a important factor in road safety.

Under inflated tyres increase the rolling resistance of a vehicle, causing a vehcile it will use more fuel. At the same time it also leads to the tyres heating excessively – this increases the chances of a blow out when driving at high speeds.

Stuart Jackson, the TyreSafe chairman, was quoted on the tyre safety website as saying, "Reduced fuel bills are possible by simply making sure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, so at a time when every penny counts for many motorists, just a few extra minutes taking these simple steps can pay real dividends.

"Vehicle safety is always paramount, but making sure tyres are correctly inflated has the very attractive benefit of reduced fuel bills, which is especially important in tough economic times. Motorists needn't be throwing money away just by making a few straight forward tyre pressure checks."

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