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Dated: 04 January 2011

Start the New Year with a Car Service


It's that time of year again when friends, co-workers and family members will begin to ask that annoying question - "so, what is your New Year's resolution?" No doubt you might just end up rolling your eyes and dismissing the question - or possibly just blurt out some of the clichés: "stop drinking", "stop smoking", "lose weight", etc.

Now these are good resolutions, each and every one of them. They involve the promotion of good health after all. The only problem is that they roll off the tongue far too easily after years of overuse and broken promises.

So, how about making a proactive promise that could see the safety of both yourself and other roads users greatly improve in 2011? Sounds good right?

Well, it might not seem obvious, but by ensuring that you book your car in for a service on a regular basis - especially after there has been a period of extreme freezing temperatures (like the temperatures that have gripped the UK in recent weeks/months). By taking your vehicle in for a car service at the beginning of the year, you are allowing trained professionals to find any damage that has occurred during the bitter winter months.

Even if the problems they find are small now, left unrepaired, they could become major issues that could ultimately lead to a collision or road traffic accident. By having the components of your car checked out via a car service, you are enhancing your chances of driving on the road safely - from a mechanical point of view of course.

At Blackcircles.com you can choose from an Oil Service, Interim Service, Full Service or Full Manufacturers Scheduled Service. With these service options, you could also yourself making savings of up to 60% when compared to the prices charged by main car dealerships.

So when you do get asked the inevitably annoying question about New Year resolutions, surprise someone by telling them that you are going to start 2011 with a car service.

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