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Dated: 22 February 2011

Van Tyres Not Being Looked After


The latest VOSA effectiveness report has been released and the figures regarding van tyres have shocked TyreSafe – one of the UK's leading tyre safety organisations.

The incidence of van drivers getting into trouble with the law in relation to the condition of their van’s tyres has worryingly increased from 20% in 07/08 to around 26% in 09/10.

On their website, Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe is quoted as saying “"Van tyres lead a particularly hard life so it is critical that operators regularly check the condition of their tyres for signs of damage or premature and uneven wear.

"Building site debris or regular scuffing on kerbs during delivery drops can cause significant damage to tyres. If left unchecked, they may fail at a critical moment, risking serious injury for the driver and other road users."

Responsibility for the condition of van tyres is split between the owner of the business and the driver of than can. If a driver is found to be using tyres deemed to be illegal then they can suffer a fine of £2,500 as well as three penalty points on their license.

As for the business, under the Health and Safety Offences Act (2009), they can receive a fine of £20,000 for allowing vans to go out with sub-standard tyres fitted.

Financial issues are not the only factor at play here. If tyres do not have a dangerous tread depth – or are not inflated correctly – the driver is not only putting themselves at risk, but is also putting other road users and pedestrians in danger.
Stuart Jackson goes on to say, "this rising trend of tyre related prohibition defects is extremely worrying.

 "I would urge all businesses, large or small, that operate vans and other light commercial vehicles to ensure they have robust procedures in place to regularly check the condition of their fleet's tyres."

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