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Dated: 03 February 2011

Tyre Dumping Danger


Not only is the dumping of old tyres illegal, it can put others in danger. This point was almost proven when 150 used car tyres were thrown into the Swaton Eau River at the end of January.

If a member of the public had not reported the offense to the Environmental Agency the nearby village of Swaton could have been flooded.

In a statement released by the agency, it was revealed that the tyres in question were causing a blockage on the river and if they had not been removed then both the village and the nearby A52 could have suffered from the effects.
Adam Robinson, of the Environment Agency, was quoted on the BBC news website as saying, "their [the tyre dumpers] actions could have caused misery to homeowners and a hazard for drivers.

"Luckily, this blockage was reported before it caused any real problems and our quick emergency response prevented this incident escalating.

"Fly-tipping incidents are something we see all too often and any rubbish within a watercourse has the potential to cause a blockage and increase the risk of flooding.

"We would therefore urge anyone who sees anything they believe may be a flood risk to contact us."

Lincolnshire Police has asked that if anyone has any information that could lead to the capture of the culprits to get in touch immediately.

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