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Dated: 23 February 2011

The Pothole Saga Continues...


The website set up to try and increase awareness on the state of British roads -  Potholes.co.uk – today releases a statement in which they welcomed the news that the Department for Transport (DfT) has declared they are going to make £100 million extra available to councils in England as they continue to tackle pothole crisis.

However, the man who set up Potholes.co.uk, Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher has said that this money barely begins to account for the money required to get the roads back into top condition.

Since being founded, Potholes.co.uk says that year on year, there is a 39% surge, in the number of potholes being reported by road users as the ice and snow begins to melt.

Duncan McClure Fisher has been quoted as saying, “A shot in the arm like this is always a welcome boost for road users. But it won’t eradicate the problem of potholes and, if it’s spent on shoddy, temporary repairs, we’ll be back to square one before we know it.

“The public has a role to play too, and they can do that by reporting potholes to their council or via our website. Local authorities can’t be expected to repair holes within minutes or hours of them appearing.

“We believe councils should be more imaginative about how they address road maintenance. They simply can’t rely on central government to bail them out – it requires efficiency and a long term approach, perhaps incorporating the public and private sectors.”

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