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Dated: 08 February 2011

Pothole Problems Reduced With Proper Air Pressure


It can seem at times that you are unable to drive down a road without needing to avoid or bear the brunt of a pothole. In the wake of this, TyreSafe – the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation – has released a statement reminding motorists of the importance of inflating tyres to the correct pressure.

It is well know that when you hit a pothole, the tyres could sufferer from internal damage, which in itself can lead to sidewall bulges, or in a worst case scenario could cause the cords to be exposed via rips to the tread - making the tyres extremely dangerous (and illegal). 

The chairman of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson, was recently quoted on their website as saying, “Potholes can cause significant damage to wheels and tyres. It’s therefore important for drivers to ensure their tyres are properly inflated to reduce any potential damage.

“If they do suffer the misfortune of hitting a pothole, drivers should make sure both their wheels and tyres are thoroughly inspected by a professional for signs of damage. This may occur in the form of cuts or bulges in the tyre or, as we have seen increasing cases of, hairline fractures appearing in alloy wheels.

“In fact, whatever time of year it is motorists should always check their tyre pressure at least once a month and especially if they are planning any long journeys.”

One more serious effect from a pothole collision is that the alignment of the wheels can be changed. This can cause the car to pull to one side when driving, which will increase irregular tyre wear. This in turn has a knock on effect on the fuel economy of the vehicle – thanks to the irregular wear.

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