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Dated: 16 February 2011

Highland MSP: Government Should Supply Winter Tyres to Nurses


During the winter period, one of the areas hit worse by the extreme winter weather is the Scottish Highlands.

As a result, those who need to travel in order to aid the sick and injured put themselves at great risk when driving.

This has led to a number of community nurses in the Highlands requesting that winter tyres are fitted to the vehicles that they are provide with during winter.

In a bid to get the Government onside, staff got in touch with their local Labour MSP Rhoda Grant and highlighted the fact that – due to the fact that the car they receive is under a car leasing contract –if they want winter tyres fitted, they would have to pay the bill themselves.

Upon hearing this news, Ms Grant has openly backed the group and believes that it is ludicrous that nurses would have to pay to have their leased cars fitted with winter tyres.

NHS Highland has said – according to the BBC website – that it is in the process of investigating whether or not the agreements can be altered to ensure that winter tyres are fitted as standard on these vehicles during the winter months.
MSP, Ms Grant, was quoted on the BBC website as saying, "it seems to be ludicrous that community nurses are prevented from having their cars fitted with tyres that are more appropriate to the winter conditions in the areas they cover.

"These journeys would be safer if their cars were better equipped to deal with winter conditions."

Tests have proven that when comparing the distance it takes a vehicle to stop, those fitted with winter rather than summer (or all season) tyre have a braking distance of up to 10% shorter - that’s around two vehicle lengths.

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