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Dated: 08 April 2011

USA Sees Rise in Fuel Price Related Crimes


The rising cost of petrol is not just a phenomenon isolated to the British Isles. In the USA, motorists too are getting tired and frustrated by increased costs. So much so, there has been a growth in the amount of fuel related crimes.

The majority of instances seem to be much more than just filling up a car and then driving away without paying – this type of crime being almost impossible to get away with thanks to modern day technology.

In one instance, detectives are on the hunt for someone who stole a propane tanker truck, removed the fuel and then abandoned the vehicle.

In a similar instance, a truck driver for an oil company was arrested for stealing 964 gallons of fuel – over a significant period of time – and selling it at lower prices to motorists on the roadside.

At Blackcircles.com, we’re hoping that this isn’t an indication that similar crimes are about o start occurring over here.

Even though some criminals may be under the misguided notion that they are characters similar to Robin Hood – stealing from the rich to give to the poor (whilst also making a tidy profit) – they are in actuality, a factor in the rising costs.

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