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Dated: 05 April 2011

Speed Awareness Courses Instead of Points and Fines


Can education be used to stop drivers from breaking the speed limit?

At present, there is a debate going on whether education can be used to stop motorists who break the speed laws doing so again.
If those who are advocating a change in the way that speeding motorists are “punished” get their way, it could be that drives who exceed the speed limit by 10mph or more could choose to go on a speed awareness course, rather than receiving point son their licence or paying fines.

The hope is that through the course, motorists will become more aware of their actions and will not become repeat offenders.

However, to make sure that drivers do not see this as an easy way to get around the speeding laws, only one course can be taken within a three year period.

If someone has been on the course in this time and is caught again, they will be handed automatic penalties akin to what is in place at present.

On top of the courses, there are strong arguements for the introduction of more speed cameras to lower the amount of speeding felons. 

Recently, a number of cameras were switched off to try and cut costs. However, in many areas of the country where this action has been taken, police have reported increases in the number of accidents and fatalities.

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